Tuesday Morning Daily Reminder – Happy December!


“The next time I feel the urge to criticize I will ask myself two questions: given the same circumstances and no hindsight would I have done better, and who asked me for my opinion in the first place?”
— The Zen Humanist

It’s December already – WHAT. That means in 2 weeks I’ll be finishing my semester at school and flying home again, in 3 weeks it’ll be Christmas, 4 weeks a brand new year, and 5 weeks I’ll be on a plane again but this time headed for Europe. WHAT.

I love December. It’s only the 3rd and I’ve already indulged in far too many chocolatey coffee drinks while keeping the heating on high and snuggling in bed with a stack of books from my literature classes. Lovely lovely lovely.

4 weeks from the New Year and I think it’s never too early to start thinking of resolutions. I know many people think New Year’s Resolutions are a ridiculous cop out form of goal setting, but I truly love them and will be scribbling all of mine down in a journal over the next few weeks. If not for any other reason, they are always nice to look back on over the year, regardless of your success in completing them, and be reassured that your intentions were in the right place. Besides, writing them down and declaring them aloud is the first step into putting them in action I think.

Things to share with you this Tuesday –

What I’m reading: White Teeth by Zadie Smith (Also – going to start making reading lists each month and hoping ya’ll help collaborate to make them even better!)

What I’m writing: Absolutely nothing besides my final academic research papers…ugh help! Hoping this changes real soon.

What I’m watching: An inspiring Youtube video put together by my peers at EmersonUnite


I’ve got a busy week ahead, desperately trying to find some way to motivate myself into writing a few 10 page papers on various topics – bleh. But I’m sure all of your weeks are feeling just as swamped!

If the weather’s getting colder for you, I hope you are staying warm and cozy! And if it’s not…(cough cough family in California) well, consider yourselves lucky.

Happy Tuesday,

xo Victoria

P.S. check out the adventures page I’ve been putting together!

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Daily Reminder – Happy December!

  1. As usual the California coast is enjoying a relatively mild 65 degree morning, while our house maintains a positively frosty, what feels like minus 2 degree average temp. Dad swears he is on the verge of pneumonia. Alex has taken to his bed with a sore throat, but fear not, I am soldiering on, my darling! Only the strong survive around here, you Bostonians don’t know how good you’ve got it…. heated dorms and fluffy holiday drinks! You’ll be telling me they have hot water showers there next! I’m off to dig for coal xxxx

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